This article was published on March 29, 2021

Add these 10 in-demand digital marketing skills to your resume, now 50% off

Add these 10 in-demand digital marketing skills to your resume, now 50% off
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The collection of digital marketing training can optimize your online sales efforts, all at 50% off with the TNW Deals’ Semi-Annual Sale happening.

Knowing how to sell is one thing. Knowing how to sell online is another story entirely. Businesses have to engage with potential customers everywhere they may be congregating on the web. That means catching them on social media or Amazon, in Google ads, or a well-crafted email. And each of those venues requires different sets of knowledge to best convert more sales.

This collection features 10 different sets of digital marketing skills that any seller will want to add to their assortment of abilities. Not only are they vital for launching digital marketing campaigns, they’re also economical. Right now as part of TNW Deal’s Semi-Annual Sale, you can take 50 percent off the price of each item by entering the code “LEARNIT” during checkout for a limited time. 

1. Instagram Marketing

Want to know how Instagram influencers are turning the image-heavy social platform into a goldmine? These six courses with 16 hours of tips and tricks can lay out how some of the most influential brands are using the power of Instagram to become Insta-famous.

Get The 2021 Ultimate Instagram Influencer and Marketing Bundle for $17.50 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $1,194). 

2. YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the most visited website in the world — and this course explains how to build a YouTube channel that attracts viewers, engages an audience, and builds authority. Even if you’ve never posted to YouTube before, this beginner-friendly instruction can help get your channel off the ground.

Get the Complete Guide to YouTube Channel: 2021 YouTube Masterclass for $14.50 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $199). 

3. Video Editing and Production

Over six courses and over 30 hours of training, you can learn one of the most powerful video editing suites around to craft brilliant Hollywood-caliber videos. Users not only learn why video editing is so important, but how Adobe Premiere CC can bring it all to life with special effects, graphics, text, audio files, and more.

Get The Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video and Audio Production Course Bundle for $15 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $1,194). 

4. Email Marketing

Even in the social age, email marketing still has one of the highest returns in all of advertising. Over seven courses and more than 13 hours of training, users learn how to leverage the power emails, from writing stellar copy to creating effective email lists to tactics for converting email recipients into customers.

Get The Complete Email Marketing Bootcamp for $15 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $1,393). 

5. Music Marketing

Just because you know how to make music doesn’t mean you know how to sell it. This collection of seven courses can help talented musicians do both, featuring courses on music theory, songwriting, and music production to craft fantastic songs, as well as courses in music marketing to get your tracks in front of an audience.

Get The Music Marketing Master Class Bundle for $17.50 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $1,393). 

6. eCommerce

You can become a high-earning Amazon retailer selling your own private label products without any of stocking or shipping hassles. This 11-course, nearly 100-hour deep dive into the inner workings of Amazon explains dropshipping, how to launch your own digital storefront, and start creating your own unique products that can turn you into a serious online mogul.

Get The 2021 Complete Amazon Dropshipping and Private Label Master Class Bundle for $17.50 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $2,189). 

7. Pinterest Marketing

If you only thought Pinterest was good for vision boarding or pastry recipes, think again. These five courses explore the true power of harnessing followers on Pinterest, building a profile, crafting visual content around your brand and activating an audience to be loyal to your product or service.

Get The 2021 Pinterest Marketing and Growth Bundle for $10 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $995). 

8. Copywriting

Effective advertising always starts with strong messaging — and here’s where it starts. The five courses and 20 hours of instruction here can teach learners how to develop the mind of a copywriter, learn essential skills like effective headline writing, and build a portfolio of work that attracts potential clients and sells you as a force that can prompt customers to action.

Get The Premium Digital Copywriting Training Bundle for $12.50 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $1,000). 

9. Google SEO

Search engine optimization is what lands your business at the top of Google searches — and reaping the benefits of that placement. Over 11 courses, learners understand how to identify keywords, create SEO-friendly content, and leverage those keywords across YouTube, Amazon and more to attract better traffic and more leads, strictly from organic web searches.

Get The 2021 Complete Google SEO and SERP Certification Bundle for $15 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $1,994). 

10. Facebook Marketing

Facebook posting is great, but if you aren’t leveraging the power of Facebook as an advertising platform, you need to expand your vision. These nine courses explain everything you need to know about creating effective Facebook ads, buying them at the best possible prices, and tips for actually getting Facebook users to click on your all-important links.

Get The 2021 Ultimate Facebook Ads and Marketing Bundle for $15 after code LEARNIT (Reg. $1,800).

Prices are subject to change.

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