This article was published on June 27, 2011

9 ways to build an easy, engaging content strategy

9 ways to build an easy, engaging content strategy

Technology and luxury: two industries that move at a fast pace, demanding constant innovation and high quality products. Luxury was slow in embracing the digital world, but has come a long way in a sort time, allocating increasingly more resources in discovering new ways to integrate technology in all its facets.

Today we see marketing campaigns using augmented reality, holographic fashion shows, tech related products like branded mobiles, and social media as key channel of communication with customers by many luxury brands. Luxury Interactive conference by WBR which took place last month in London focused on such existing successful case studies and sparked conversation around the future of luxury online. Much like last year the use of social media was a hot topic.

One of the presentations that stood out was the one by Tamar Koifman, senior social media strategist for Digital Luxury Group, a Geneva-based agency focused on luxury brands. Her presentation was on branded content strategy, a topic on the agenda of every brand, luxury or not, as brands have to fight to stand out from the “noise” and gain their customer’s attention. Consumers on the other hand have high expectations when it comes to branded entertainment.

Tamar Koifman, who regularly shares her viewpoints on the fusion of digital marketing and fashion as a co-curator of Fashion’s Collective, told us: “As a strategist in the field of digital marketing and social media for luxury, fashion, and beauty brands, I am often asked for my insights on what brands should be doing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get their fan base buzzing, interacting, and eventually shopping. One of my first recommendations is to build a solid communication plan, both for outbound and inbound messages. In fact, many brands often find it difficult to determine what they should be sharing via social media. I am a believer that creating engaging content does not need to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. There are a number of easy wins for brands.”

You can see Tamar’s presentation slides below, outlining 9 tactics for content creation that require minimal effort, but that can have big impact on fan engagement: