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This article was published on May 13, 2012

7 great content apps to get startup, tech and industry news

7 great content apps to get startup, tech and industry news
Scott Gerber
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Scott Gerber

Scott Gerber is the founder of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young Scott Gerber is the founder of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. YEC members represent nearly every industry, generate billions of dollars in revenue each year and have created tens of thousands of jobs. Learn more at

One of the greatest things about the entrepreneurial landscape is that it’s always changing: new startups are sprouting globally, companies are constantly acquired or merging, and the tech entrepreneurs that pop out of Silicon Valley keep getting younger and younger. It’s exciting to wake up in the morning, turn on the computer and read about the latest business trends, industry events and noteworthy entrepreneurs.

But with meetings all day and networking events on weekends, it’s difficult for any small business owner to keep up with the ever changing information. However, that’s still not a valid excuse — there’s an app for that, of course.

I asked a panel of successful young entrepreneurs the following question:

What content apps do you use to get the best startup, tech and industry news on the go?

Here are eight mobile options that will deliver the business headlines you need to read — right to your fingertips:

1. Flipboard Is Fantastic

“Flipboard is probably one of the most frequently used apps on my mobile devices. By aggregating multiple blogs and presenting content in a timeline format, I’m able to easily keep up with the best startup and tech news. Flipboard has predefined “Technology” and “Business” channels which are fantastic, but the app also makes it easy to add other news sources.”

Matt Mickiewicz, 99designs

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2. Feeddler Feeds Daily

Josh Weiss“Feeddler allows me to read all my Google Reader feeds on my iPhone and syncs with all my other devices. It’s the best way to stay on top of startup and tech news blogs that I follow.”

Josh Weiss, Bluegala

3. Stick With Twitter

“I am on the Twitter app constantly for the best startup and technology news on mobile. If you follow the right lists and industry leaders, you’ll get all the news you need to stay current in an efficient way.”

Doreen Bloch, Poshly Inc.

Read about how with 140 million active users and 340 million tweets per day, Twitter is officially mainstream.

4. Fuels Me

Ashley Bodi“This app helps brings all the most important links and news shared by your Twitter friends and those you follow. I love it because it allows certain lists of mine to bring me the updates I want or need — especially in the tech world.”

Ashley Bodi, Business Beware

Read about how now delivers important news from your social networks to your iPhone.

5. Quora Has the Answers

Ash Kumra“I love this site! It informs you on the latest trends, insights, and topics that are shaping our society — specifically the technology and startup sectors.”

Ash Kumra, DesiYou

7. Wheres’s Your Pulse?

Henry Glucroft“I have been promoting Pulse’s News app to friends and family because it is a great mobile news aggregator that makes it easy to stay on top of all the news you want — regardless of your interests and industry. Particularly great for multidisciplinary entrepreneurs.”

Henry Glucroft, little skips / Airdrop

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8. Go With Google Reader

Justin Nowak“Always has been the best for me. I use an Android phone and am totally immersed in the Google ecosystem, so it really is the best option!”

Justin Nowak, Mobile Business Advisors


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