This article was published on November 23, 2016

6 easy tips to create a powerful brand

6 easy tips to create a powerful brand
Shachar Shamir
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Shachar Shamir

Ranky, Founder

Shachar is Co-Founder @ Ranky. He dreams about Growth and startup marketing, wakes up to the Tweets of birds and he's literally a Social per Shachar is Co-Founder @ Ranky. He dreams about Growth and startup marketing, wakes up to the Tweets of birds and he's literally a Social person. He is also a football fan (but don’t ask him anything about FC Barcelona) and gadgets addicts. Stalk him on Twitter.

Building a new company or site? You probably have a list of things you need to accomplish to get your business going. Company name, check. Business strategy, check. Funding, check. But what about your brand?

When creating your company you need to establish the ways in which you want your consumers to view and recognize you by. You want to create a name for yourself that your target audience will relate to, and that will generate excitement and conversation, as well as keep your customers coming back for more.

It may seem like a daunting task, but when you break it down, it’s similar to us trying to constantly promote ourselves. We’ve compiled six easy steps for you to create a powerful brand. Follow them and watch your revenue and number of customers grow.

Be memorable

Being memorable is essential for every entrepreneur – after all, people won’t fund you or buy from you if they don’t even remember you exist.

Your logo is the first visual a consumer gets about your company, so you better make sure yours is up to par. Today, creating an engaging and memorable logo is easier than ever before thanks to platforms like Tailor Brands that enables users to design logos and brands based on their preferences. The site even supplies users with everything from business cards to presentation designs, and any type of logo design they can imagine.

Make your online presence felt

Creating your logo and your look is a big part of your brand, but needs to be accompanied by different strategies that’ll further establish your message and voice. Creating an online presence on social media networks and communicating with your clients is essential.

However, creating profiles on social channels and apps is not enough. You have to learn how to use them properly, and to your advantage. Start by joining online groups, asking questions, developing your own voice, and using emotional triggers while engaging with you consumers.

Know how others perceive you and your company

You may know more about yourself than anyone else, but knowing what others think of you is a big key to creating your brand.

The first two steps to building your brand are finding out who people believe you are and figuring out who you actually are. Your personal brand is never what you say it is, it’s actually what everyone else says it is.  

Try Googling yourself or holding focus groups to find out what people think of your brand and product. Then take a closer look at your skills and what you’re in short supply of.

Consistency is key

It’s important to be consistent, not only in your high standard of work but in your brand. You should remain consistent in your promises, your message and the way you portray yourself.

Any time you do something on the web, the packaging and graphics should be uniform with your overall brand design. Remember, brands that don’t keep their promises through every interaction are doomed to failure.

The reason for this is a little something called trust.

Be yourself

People like being on the same level as those they work with. Showing your customers you can relate to them helps build a relationship of trust, which results in loyalty from both sides.

In fact, a relationship begins when both the brand and consumer are on equal footing. The only way this is accomplished is if a brand becomes more human and more personal.

Think outside the box

You now have a great, memorable logo and online presence, but so do many others. So how do you set yourself apart? Sticking to cookie-cutter plans just won’t cut it. You have to think outside of the box to promote your brand.

Creating a podcast and giving away swag are “sneaky” ways that’ll help you promote your brand. Learn what your customers like and use that to your advantage by luring them, and others, in different and creative ways.

The key is to pair creativity with data to lead to a unique, exciting and memorable brand.

In short, creating a powerful brand is more about the way your company looks on the outside.

A successful brand is everything – from your design to your message, to your relationship with your consumers. Follow these aforementioned tips to get started with creating a memorable brand your consumers will want to come back to you

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