This article was published on October 30, 2014

58% off 1 year of SpiderOak Pro: 200 GB of cloud storage for the security-obsessed

58% off 1 year of SpiderOak Pro: 200 GB of cloud storage for the security-obsessed
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When it comes to storing data, it’s important to choose a solution that’s easy to use, secure and private.

You need to be able to back up your files, access them when you want to, share them with friends, family and colleagues, and rest assured that no one will be able to snoop around to steal or copy them.

SpiderOak’s premium backup service checks all those boxes, and more. Even Edward Snowden endorsed SpiderOak, encouraging people to switch over from Dropbox.


Built with privacy in mind, SpiderOak lets you securely back up all your files — including your photo library, business documents and personal projects — from any Mac, Windows or Linux desktop. You can then safely access them on any of your computers or iOS/Android devices, thanks to SpiderOak’s Zero-Knowledge Privacy that ensures that the only person who knows the contents of your data is you.

That’s not all — SpiderOak has clever features to help you quickly restore your files, recover deleted files and even access multiple versions of your files. If you’re looking for peace of mind, you’ve come to the right place.

Get one year of SpiderOak’s Pro plan for just $99 with 200GB of storage space, and back up and sync your files across unlimited devices and desktops. Order now from TNW Deals, and leave your data storage worries behind.

Here are some of SpiderOak’s notable features:

  • ‘Zero-Knowldge’ Privacy: No one but you sees your data. Ever.
  • Access Anywhere: View your data from any device, anywhere.
  • Unlimited devices: Have tons of devices? No problem, sync across them all.
  • Restore everything: Back everything up, and rest assured that itís always available.
  • Trash recovery: Even if you delete a file, SpiderOak keeps a copy.
  • Always working: Always runs in the background to ensure your data stays safe 24/7.
  • Keep every version: Access any version of a file ñ from creation to final.

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