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50 food & cooking apps that rock the kitchen

50 food & cooking apps that rock the kitchen
Jamie Tolentino
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Jamie Tolentino

Jamie Tolentino is currently working as a Digital Marketer at a Global Asset Management firm. She was previously an Innovation Strategist at Jamie Tolentino is currently working as a Digital Marketer at a Global Asset Management firm. She was previously an Innovation Strategist at Quirk London. Aside from writing for TNW, she also blogs on the Huffington Post UK.

They say that there’s an app for everything, but there’s more than one for cooking. In fact, there’s too many of them that we’ve compiled a list for your reference to use the next time you attempt get down to business in the kitchen.


Weber’s On the Grill $4.99

Weber’s On the Grill features 280 grill recipes which include everything from starters to desserts and marinades to rubs.

Must-Have Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens FREE

This free app contains 465 recipes with a beautiful photo of the finished product and 75 how-to videos as well as a step by step guide.

Healthy Recipes FREE

Healthy Recipes lets you search more than 190,000 recipes and provides calorie and nutrient information for each recipe.

Cupcake Heaven FREE

Cupcake Heaven is a magazine filled with at least 101 cupcake recipes for every occasion, catering to all skill levels.

Taste of Home

Taste of Home brings you thousands of delicious recipes featuring the season’s freshest flavors.

Fine Cooking

Fine Cooking celebrates all things food, cooking and entertaining with a unique blend of inspiration and information along with triple-tested recipes, expert techniques, and test kitchen advice.

Eden Recipes

Eden Recipes features 1,100+ of Eden created, kitchen tested recipes. You can browse the recipes by course, cuisine, diet considerations, ingredient, or keyword.

Eating Well Healthy in a Hurry

Healthy in a Hurry is a selection of 200 of EatingWell’s best and fastest recipes which you can save and share to your friends.



Punchfork helps you discover new recipes from top food sites and share them with family and friends. They use real-time social data from Facebook and Twitter to rank the most popular recipes around the web and lay them out magazine style for your viewing pleasure. includes 40,000 trustworthy recipe videos to help improve your cooking skills and satisfy your culinary curiosity. This app works if you’re more akin to watching video whilst you follow along in your own kitchen. They have over 500 channels tailored to suit your interest. Chocolate Dishes channel, anyone?

Cooking Recipes

Cooking Recipes is your free online resource for 23,000 cooking recipes.


Myeatbox is pretty much a Pinterest for foodies. You can use this app to show off your culinary prowess, document your diet or just to share happy food moments with your loved ones.

Recipes Madness

Recipes Madness simplifies your recipe search amongst a catalog of recipes by letting you enter the name of your recipe or a component.


Rezape is a social network used to share recipes with your family and friends. You can organize recipes by categories and favorites, schedule meals via the calendar and add ingredients to your shopping list.

Amazing Sandwiches

Amazing Sandwiches is a hub of all things bread including sandwiches, pizzas, burgers and the like, with beautiful photos and recipes to boot.

Cook Mood

Cook Mood has unique recipes from all over the globe. It asks you what you are in the mood for, and refines your search so you can cook for your mood.

Mac OS

Yummy Soup £10.49 (plus iPad and iPhone)

Yummy Soup lets you to easily create digital copies of all your favorite recipes (not only soup!) and share them with friends and family with professional themed prints, email, and Recipecasts, which are basically automated emails to people who have subscribed to you.

Easy Thai Cooking Free

Easy Thai Cooking is a free app that presents Thailand’s favorite foods without fuss and in a way that anyone can make via their step by step cooking process.

SousChef £13.99

SousChef is an all in one digital cooking assistant that lets you organize recipes, find recipes based on the contents of your fridge and cook while your computer is 10 feet away from you.

iFoodPlus £2.99

iFoodPlus is a complete Grocery List and Meal Planning app which lets you research food items from the USDA SR23 Database and create recipes and meal plans complete with servings and calorie information.

Global Cuisine £2.99

Global Cuisine is an interactive 3D globe which shows you food information from all over the world! Just rotate, zoom-in, spin and play around with the globe to learn about each country’s unique dishes and culinary history.

Foodie £6.99

Foodie makes recipe management and sharing as painless as possible. You can organize your recipes into groups and share them in a single click.


Kitchen Timer £1.99 and Timer by Ten £0.69

Kitchen Timer and Timer by Ten times your various cooking activities for you so that you never have to deal with burnt inedible dishes.


SmartMeal £2.99

SmartMeal calculates nutritional values such as calories, proteins and fats in your meals, so that you never have to guess whether or not you’re eating healthy or sticking to your diet.

Kitchen Sidekick £1.49

Kitchen Sidekick re-sizes your recipe to complement the number of people eating and converts one sets of units to another, helping you avoid mathematical errors in calculating specific portions per ingredient.

The Photo Cookbook £10.99

The Photo Cookbook is a cooking course which includes beautiful food photography with every step of the cooking process.

TMX World £1.99 (plus iPhone and iPad)

TMX World is an intuitive app which allows you to find, create and share recipes all over the world together with 35,000 other food enthusiasts.

Culinary Fundamentals £5.99

Culinary Fundamentals is a culinary school with over 280 professional training videos covering essential techniques for every chef and home cook.

The Video Cookbook £7.99

The Video Cookbook gives you access to over 200 easy to follow video recipes created by current industry professionals on your Mac.



Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals £4.99

This app features 60 Jamie Oliver recipes which can be made in more or less 20 minutes. It also includes a shopping list which allows you to sort ingredients by aisle.

In the Kitchen: Recipes, Chefs £1.24

In the Kitchen puts your favorite Food Network chefs and recipes right into your smartphone, enabling you to cook with Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri and other chefs by your side. It also includes a shopping list, recipe box, kitchen timer and unit converter.

Real Simple No Time to Cook? £3.07

Real Simple No Time to Cook? gives you 850 easy fast dinner recipes which take around 40 minutes or less to prepare. It also comes with interactive grocery lists, how-to videos and kitchen timers.

AllRecipes Dinner Spinner Pro £1.85

Dinner Spinner Pro makes home cooking easier by letting you create shopping lists and add recipes to your recipe box. You can scan grocery items into your shopping lists, change the number of servings on any recipe and combine the same ingredients from different recipes.

Recipe Search FREE

Recipe Search is a free app which lets you quickly find recipes with the ingredients you have or want.

250,000+ Recipes Big Oven

250,000+ Recipes Big Oven lets you view, find, scale and share recipes. With this app, you can get ideas on how to use up your leftovers and save money.

Recipe Droid FREE

Recipe Droid is a free app that will let you find recipes on popular recipe sites and save them in your list.

Mario Batali Cooks! £3.09

In this app, Mario Batali comes to your kitchen to show you how to cook 63 Italian recipes and reveals 25 basic kitchen techniques via video.

Patrik’s Easy Cooking £2.06

Patrik’s Easy Cooking gives you clever cooking ideas for quick and simple meals using few ingredients, or even with leftovers from the day before.

Korean Food Guide £1.24

Korean Food Guide is a visual guide of over 100 Korean dishes sortable by category and English or Korean Alphabet.

Recipe Guru FREE

Recipe Guru opens up a world of sumptuous cuisines where you can find absolutely anything and everything that your tongue craves for from Amish food, kids food to pet food.

Indian Recipes Offline FREE

Don’t be fooled by the title because Indian Recipes offline also includes a variety of Chinese, Thai and Continental recipes available for offline access.

My CookBook FREE

My CookBook is a digital cookbook which lets you synchronize recipes on different devices using Dropbox, scale ingredients according to serving size and listen to recipes via the speech feature.


170,000+ recipes – Big Oven

Big Oven lets you view recipes anywhere, find new recipes to try and get ideas to use up leftovers. There is also an Android version available.

Betty Crocker

This Betty Crocker app is the mobile version of the cookbook. You can use the app to sync your recipes and shopping lists online.

Dessert Recipes

This app contains 60 of the world’s best dessert recipes including the most popular desserts of choice at festivals, anniversaries and birthdays.

Home Chef

Home Chef takes the most innovative recipes from a variety of well known cooking websites and delivers it to your fingertips, making you a top chef at home.

Healthy Chef

Healthy Chef makes sure that you never run out of healthy options for every meal. Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cuisines are covered and you can search recipes according to calorie content.

The iDo Cookbook

The iDo Cookbook features delicious recipes made from simple ingredients designed for you to discover the adventure and romance of sharing home cooked meals in your own cozy kitchen.

1,500 Meat and Fish recipes

Flavorful recipes for meat and fish of all kinds, including pork, lamb, chicken and turkey are featured in this app. It’s a useful dinner party cooking tool.


SweetNSpicy features 4000+ recipes across the Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian and Vegan calories. It also has an Indian calorie counter to boot to prevent you from packing on the pounds.

That’s a lot of cooking apps that could bring out your inner chef. We’re sorry that there still isn’t the app do the actual cooking for you, but we hope that this list does the trick for you in the meantime.

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