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5 add-ons to boost your productivity on Firefox

5 add-ons to boost your productivity on Firefox
Srikanth AD
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Srikanth AD

Srikanth is a Web Developer and SEO consultant. Check out his portfolio or contact him by email at [email protected] for more information Srikanth is a Web Developer and SEO consultant. Check out his portfolio or contact him by email at [email protected] for more information.

We love Firefox – the innovative browser which aims to maintain choice and innovation on the Internet and here are a few add-ons to boost your browser productivity.

1. URL Fixer

URL Fixer add-onURL Fixer corrects typos in URLs that you enter in the address bar. For instance, if you type thenextweb.con, it will correct it to

It will correct common typos of .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .mil as well as the protocol (http:, https:).

You can set it to auto-correct your errors by right-clicking on the address bar or you can have it ask you before making any corrections.

// Download URL Fixer

2. Video Download Helper

video download helperThis is a must have add-on for video, audio and picture gallery downloads from popular services like Youtube, MySpace and Google Video etc. When an embedded audio or video file is detected on a website the downloadhelper icon gets animated and you can download the required media.

DownloadHelper also allows you to download files one by one, so that you keep bandwidth to surf for other stuff to download.

// Download Video Download Helper

3. Speed Dial

speed dialYou can easily access your most used websites with Speed Dial. To show the Speed Dial tab, use the Speed Dial button (which can be added to the toolbar), or enter “chrome://speeddial/content” in your location bar.
To assign one website to Speed Dial, use the new “Set as Speed Dial” option in the bookmarks menu, or right click on the tab you want to add, and choose “Set as Speed Dial”.

// Download Speed Dial

4. Adblock Plus

This add-on lets you get rid of flashy banners and advertisements. It blocks all unwanted content like banners, annoying scripts and adverts. Right-click on a banner and choose “Adblock” from the context menu – the banner won’t be downloaded again.

This comes in particularly handy for sites like TechCrunch, which have flashing banners that are distracting you from the content that really matters.

// Download Adblock

5. Trailfire

With trailFire you can mark webpages that you find interesting by leaving notes right on the page. These notes are linked together into trails that you organize any way you desire. The trails you make will guide people on the web , the approach is collaborative as other people can leave responses on the trails you made and even add new marked pages. The next time you are looking for something on the Web, use Trailfire to mark the pages you find and they will be automatically shared with everyone else through the search engines. You can also keep your trails private if you wish to.

// Download Trailfire

Feel free to share your favorite add-ons in comments.

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