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This article was published on August 18, 2013

    28 of the most beautiful typefaces released last month

    28 of the most beautiful typefaces released last month
    Sean Mitchell
    Story by

    Sean Mitchell

    Sean Mitchell is an Interactive Designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of Type Release. Sean Mitchell is an Interactive Designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of Type Release.

    Sean Mitchell is an interactive designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of TypeRelease.

    We’ve gathered together an eclectic mix of new type for you this month — a dynamic slab from FontFont, a lusty script by Positype, a plump display from Fontyou, a layered family by S–Core, a 21st century didone from dooType, and many more — let’s get to it!

    S—Core: Core Circus

    A layered type family consisting of seven 3D effect layers, eight 2D effect layers and one shadow effect layer.

    FontFont: FF Marselis Slab

    Crossbreeds geometric and humanistic forms, creating a freshly dynamic slab–serif family.

    Rene Bieder: Gentona

    A nine–weight neo–grotesque family ranging from sharp and fine thin cuts to muscle–bound and strong heavy weights.

    Letters from Sweden: Trim Mono

    A monospaced version of Trim in 5 styles.

    HVD Fonts: Niveau Grotesk

    Based on geometric forms and influenced by classical nineteenth–century faces.

    Fairgoods: Seashore

    A feminine, graceful script whose thicker horizontals create a wave–like rhythm. A Fairgoods Exclusive.

    Ahmet Altun: Festivo Letters

    A handmade layered font system which includes several textures, shadows.

    Lisi Design: Summit

    Inspired by geometric sans–serifs dating back to the late nineteenth–century.

    DSType: Aparo

    Aparo appears to be a very simple bold italic roman typeface, but it has plenty of calligraphic flair.

    Hold Fast Foundry: Prohibition

    This vintage sans takes queues from classic war and workforce posters.

    Fontyou: Squirrel FY

    A new plump typeface with fancy alternates.

    Fontyou: Kaili FY

    An exotic typeface with crazy ligatures.

    dooType: Encorpada Classic

    Brings the best features of the Didone genre, but with a 21st century look and feel.

    Sudtipos: Zulia

    Based on two calligraphic styles: italic and brush pen.

    Positype: Lust Script

    Packed with alternates to play with — enough to turn you on and satisfy.

    Gestalten: High Times

    Takes its inspiration from the eras of Art Deco and Art Nouveau but with a radically contemporary approach.

    The Northern Block: Kizo

    A geometric condensed sans–serif inspired by urban modernist architecture. Functional, rational, utilitarian and subtle in its nature.

    Ludwig Type: Helsinki

    Based on geometric shapes, with technical and masculine forms.

    Latinotype: Grota

    Grotesque, unicase and exceptional, a very expressive font inspired by hand lettering.

    MVB Fonts: MVB Solitaire

    A tempered sans–serif somewhere between a humanist and a gothic, MVB Solitaire captures a 21s–century neutrality.

    Wiescher Design: Supra

    Pleasant flow and a warm touch combined with great legibility.

    Mateusz Machalski: Bojo Print

    A heavyweight serif typeface, based on wood block printing methods.

    La Goupil: Naive

    A handwritten serif with a poetic and unusual feeling.

    Colophon: Archive

    Archive’s strength and character lies in the feeling that it has already existed, or simply that it has been through a multiplication process.

    Jeremie Hornus: Kefa II Pro

    Redesigned and remastered, an elegant modern typeface with slab–serif origin.

    Alexandre Saumier Demers: Harvey

    Inspired by the changeable letter signs littering Kelowna British Columbia on Highway 97.

    Nootype: Dorica

    Sober and simple, with a classic appearance at first sight, but the curves and details make it very different.

    Tipo Pèpel: Cinta

    A humanistic skeleton, dressed up with a handmade mechanical suit.

    Want more? Check out more lists of new typefaces from: JulyMayAprilMarchFebruaryJanuary and Winter ’12. They’re worth it — we promise.

    Header image credit: Shutterstock