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The 24 most beautiful typefaces released last month

The 24 most beautiful typefaces released last month
Harrison Weber
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Harrison Weber

Harrison Weber is TNW's Features Editor in NYC. Part writer, part designer. Stay in touch: Twitter @harrisonweber, Google+ and Email. Harrison Weber is TNW's Features Editor in NYC. Part writer, part designer. Stay in touch: Twitter @harrisonweber, Google+ and Email.

Anyone who’s tried their hand at designing a typeface will know it’s a wildly difficult process, and to actually come out at the end with something attractive takes an extreme amount of skill and patience.

typerelease reasonably small 30 of the most beautiful typeface designs released last month (April)Type design may not be for everyone, but typography is, and nearly every designer works with it daily. This is why Type Release creator Sean Mitchell is here to share with you a list of 24 gorgeous typefaces, all of which were released last month. See his findings, only on TNW:

Sudtipos: Esmeralda Pro


Delicate yet solid curves, serifs and endings give each composition a fine, elegant and exquisite feeling, along with a firm and sturdy look.


Hold Fast Foundry: Gin


Inspired by the likes of old serifs and classic bottles of whiskey and gin.


DSType: Diversa

A single typeface with 9 fonts within, containing 2760 glyphs, divided into 9 stylistic sets.


Typotheque: The Lumin Family

The Lumin family includes slab-serif, sans serif, condensed and display typefaces, all of which play with the idea of contradiction.


Fontfabric: Nexa Slab

Draws from the rich traditions of the classic Neo-Grotesque slab serifs.


Atlas Font Foundry: Heimat Mono

Combines an idiosyncratic appearance with the feeling of a grid-based letter construction of the late 20s.


FontFont: FF Dora

Based on a detailed study of today’s handwriting styles, the main focus was on transforming handwritten shapes into a serif text typeface, not a script face.


Laura Worthington: Harlean

Not your typical script font, she’s quirky, brazen and a bit irreverent.


FaceType: Substance

Fulfills the primary role of emphasizing content.


FDI: Canapé

A warm and friendly, almost haptical appearance which brings some cosiness to your communication with type.


Kimmy Design: Lunch Box

Gives infinite customizable options and a fully authentic look.


The Northern Block: Nuber

A linear geometric sans serif influenced by neo-grotesques and the early Swiss type foundries.


The Northern Block: Tabia

Inspired by the work and principles of the iconic german industrial designer Dieter Rams.


Mostardesign: Mettro Pro

A sans-serif with a technological and minimalist look.


Mint Type: Espuma Pro

A soft and friendly humanist sans with strong calligraphic aftertaste.


District: Fair Sans Text

The natural follow-up to the popular Fair Sans now a text family based on the calligraphic structure and casual construction of its predecessor.


Hipopotam Studio: Mr Alex

A clean & elegant display sans.


Hipopotam Studio: Mr Lucky

A hand-drawn layered typeface.


Nootype: Fitigraf

A mix between a classical serif font and graffiti street art.


Hamilton Wood Type Foundry: HWT Unit Gothic

The Unit Gothic series was released by Hamilton Manufacturing Co. in 1907. This HWT release is the first ever digital version of these fonts.


Moretype: Mic 32 New Stencil

Provides an industrial flavour to the futuristic rounded geometry of Mic 32 New.


DizajnDesign: Preto Serif

Explores the function of serifs on readability and legibility.


ShinnType: Richler

An open, evenly spaced book face.


Insigne: Quarca

Masculine power runs strong across the page with bold self-assurance and a raw energy that courses through its thick veins.


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