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20 apps to help you keep your New Year resolutions

20 apps to help you keep your New Year resolutions
Jamie Tolentino
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Jamie Tolentino

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We know it’s hard to keep track of your New Year resolutions. Often times, we stay motivated for a month or two only to find that life gets in the way. Thankfully, there are loads of free and paid apps out there to help you keep track and fulfill your resolutions. Here’s a few to get you started.


21habit lets you break or make a habit and keep track of it for 21 days. When you sign up, you get a choice of a free mode or committed mode. The free mode has no monetary obligations while the committed mode requires that you invest $21 in your habit. For each day that you succeed, you’ll get $1 back and each time you fail, the $1 goes to charity.

➤ 21habit


Livifi lets you choose from 40 lifestyle goals and helps you set targets and achieve them. It also gives you tips on how to achieve a particular goal, and why it’s important. An iOS app version is also available.

➤ Livifi


Aherk is a self-blackmail service that lets you define a goal, set a deadline and let your Facebook friends decide if you’ve achieved the goal. If not, it uploads a compromising photo of you on Facebook for all your friends to see. You may argue that you can just submit a non-compromising photo of you to the app, rendering the consequence negligible, but at least it incorporates a bit of social pressure into your goal by asking your friends to vet your success.

➤ Aherk


Lifetick is a web-based goal setting app. It starts off asking you to map out core values and subsequently plan goals and tasks accordingly. You can set email reminders to stay motivated and visualize your progress with charts and graphs to measure performance.

➤ Lifetick


43 Things adds a social component to goal setting. It lets you create a list of goals and share them on your social networks. That way, you can get the much needed encouragement for you to achieve the goals that may otherwise be hard to do. You can also invite a friend to join in on a goal for extra support.

➤ 43Things

Joe’s Goals

Joe’s Goals is a simple one page goal tracking tool which lets you tick the boxes when you’ve achieved your goal for the day. You can add as many positive or negative goals as you like and it adds up your total score for the day. It’s great if you’d like to keep track of your progress in a simple interface.

➤ Joe’s Goals

42 Goals

42 Goals is pretty similar to Joe’s Goals but it offers pretty widgets to go with the web app. You can set up your goals, record your daily progress and visualize your achievements with the free version. The premium version, which costs $5 a month, lets you group goals by tabs, export data into a CSV file and has email support.

➤ 42 Goals


GoalsOnTrack is a web-based software to help keep you set and track your goals. You will be able to make your goals smart, chunk them down to small bite-sized tasks, and make a tangible action plan. You’ll also be able to track your time and print out a day planner to achieve your goals. The only downside is that it costs $68 a year, considering there are other pretty good free apps out there.

➤ GoalsOnTrack


Goalscape lets you visually create goal structures, assign priorities and record your progress.You can color-code your goals and export the goals as reports in various formats. It’s a powerful, easy to use software that improves understanding, performance and results. It has a desktop, web app and a mobile app version. It costs £72 for an annual subscription or a perpetual single-user license.

➤ Goalscape


Mindbloom is an interactive web application that helps you stay engaged with your life goals. It lets you decide what is important to you, and it lets you grow a tree which represents the life you want. You can also browse through a library of images and music that can keep you motivated. Finally, you can take small actions towards your goals, which can be prompted by an email reminder, to grow your tree.

➤ Mindbloom


Habitforge lets you form a habit, one act at a time. You can join a group of people working on a similar goal or go solo. A daily email reminder will be sent for 21 days to check if you’ve formed a habit. Premium membership costs $9.95 a year and gives you unlimited private or public habits, reminders and optional friendly reminders from other members. The free version, on the other hand, gives you one active habit with ads.

➤ Habitforge is an online motivational tool based on the “don’t break the chain” method which helps you stick to good habits and break bad ones. Every day you complete a desired task, you can mark it in your chains and as you see it grow longer, your motivation to continue is reinforced by the fact that you don’t want to break the chain.


Don’t break the chain

Don’t break the chain is a simpler version of with just a calendar view to let you tick the days where you’ve achieved your goal. You can view your progress over one month, four months and one year.

➤ Don’t break the chain

Social Workout

Social Workout is the perfect app if you want to socially set goals for groups or individuals. You can set up a goal for any activity and start a group challenge or challenge a friend. It integrates seamlessly with Facebook, sends you witty email reminders to keep you motivated and lets you access the app through your mobile when on the go.

➤ Social Workout


StikK allows you to create a ‘committment contract’ for your goal. You basically set up a goal, make a stake to act as an incentive, and pick a referree to judge if you’ve stuck to your contract. Stakes and referrees are of course optional, but having something to lose and someone to whom you’re accountable increases your chance of succeeding.

➤ StikK


Weekplan provides you with a weekly view of your tasks, giving enough space to plan and a time window short enough to focus on execution. You can break your goals into weekly goals, which can help make them achievable and help you see progress faster. Tasks can be marked as important and/or urgent.

➤ Weekplan

CheckMark Goals

CheckMark lets you jot down your goals, check them off when you’re done and keep track of your success. You can see the stats on a weekly or daily basis.

➤ CheckMark Goals (iOS)


GoalTracker is a user-friendly, free app that helps you achieve success by tracking goals in your life. You can set weekly, monthly or long-term goals and you’ll be reminded of them everyday.

➤ GoalTracker (Android)

My Wonderful Goals

My Wonderful Goals lets you check your to-do notes on a daily basis with your accomplishment status. You can also view stats sorted according to time and categories for repeated goals. There are 3 daily notices available, and export to calendar feature and a passcode lock feature.

➤ My Wonderful Goals (iOS for $1.99)


Goalmaster will give you goal reminders, enable you to log reminders, calculate your stats and share you goals and results on Facebook. It also comes with motivational quotes to keep you going.

➤ Goalmaster (Android)

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