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This article was published on October 28, 2013

10 new IFTTT recipes now that Twitter support is back

10 new IFTTT recipes now that Twitter support is back
Jack Flanagan
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Jack Flanagan

Jack Flanagan is a London-based copywriter and journalist. As well as writing about startups (and for them), he's dabbled in science writing Jack Flanagan is a London-based copywriter and journalist. As well as writing about startups (and for them), he's dabbled in science writing and the occasional op-ed piece. You can find him on Twitter, and his blog, too.

This post comes courtesy of Fueled, a mobile design and development company based in New York and London. You can read more posts like it at the Fueled blog.  Author Jack Flanagan is freelance writer at audience.io and contributes to the Fueled blog.

In August, Twitter brought back its support for IFTTT (‘If This Than That’), the app that lets you connect various APIs in the form of “recipes”. For example, one recipe lets you favorite a tweet on Twitter, and it will automatically be saved to your Pocket.

IFTTT has received a round of 5 star reviews for its simple (and pretty) interface. For the most part, the recipes are small in scope – such as the Pocket example above. This is simply because recipes can only be in two parts. Still, you’d be surprised at how some users have manipulated the system for quite complex automated actions.

If your Internet life is beginning to wind tighter around Twitter, then here are a few new recipes to throw into your pot.

1) Tweet my Facebook status update

Credit to linden

IFTTT Recipe: Send your tweets tagged #fb to Facebook

A IFTTT classic. Keep everyone updated with this recipe so that every time you post a Facebook status, your Twitter profile will catch up by tweeting the same. This particular recipe allows you to select what exactly gets shared – which could be helpful, if is perfect if you need to let off steam about your Facebook friends without regretting it later.

2) Tweet and into Dropbox

credit to linden

IFTTT Recipe: Archive all your Tweets to a Dropbox text file

Twitter only keeps about a week’s worth of tweets available through its Search. So what happens when you want to access all of your old statuses?

With this recipe, every time you tweet, your status gets copied into a Dropbox folder. So for those rainy days when reading through every one of your tweets seems like a suitable pastime, you’re good to go.

3) Pocket something and then tweet

credit to readitlater

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically tweets what you favorite in Pocket

This recipe lets you share your Pocket-ed (bookmarked) Web pages with your Twitter pals. You might want to change your Pocket-ing preferences to for this feature, i.e. turn Pocket into a curation service for The New Yorker or WSJ.

4) ‘Time of day’ tweet

credit to mrman

IFTTT Recipe: Good morning!

You can set a specific time to send a tweet from your account. Not wildly innovative, but saves you from ducking out of your own birthday party to tap out a quick “Love you guys, here’s to the big 3-0”. Further ideas include: New Years, Halloween, or even a simple ‘Good Morning!’ tweet.

5) Favorited on YouTube and the tweet

credit to felipelima2602

IFTTT Recipe: If you favorite a YouTube video then Tweet this!

Most people share videos they find popular. This recipe cuts time by taking your favorite videos and putting them on Twitter. As with Pocket, you’ll need to be careful about what videos you favorite. Here’s the TED Youtube to get you started.  

6) Facebook/Twitter profile picture sync

  credit to hopeless13 

IFTTT Recipe: When Facebook's profile picture changes, update Twitter profile picture.

This shortcut has proved popular – keep your social media profile pics in sync. A useful time saver if you’re careful to keep your accounts in photo alignment.   

7) Save favorite tweets to Evernote

credit to leorstern

IFTTT Recipe: Save favorite tweets to Evernote

This option automatically puts your favorited tweets in an Evernote folder. The ability to organise these tweets into folders in Evernote might make this preferable to the Pocket option if you don’t mind looping back to the links once you’re back online.

8) Tomorrow’s forecast to your twitter

credit to jcardinal

IFTTT Recipe: Rain warnings via Twitter DM

A personal favorite, especially with Twitter push notifications. If it’s going to rain, your twitter DM will let you know! The email option is also great, depending on which platform you use the most.

9) Vimeo staff picks to twitter DM

credit to jjjf

IFTTT Recipe: Vimeo staff picks twitter D message

For those who love Vimeo, this recipe can deliver a 10-minute treat to your inbox. A fair warning: Staff picks are pretty frequent, so it might drive you crazy to get so many DMs. In fact, you may see a lot of actual DMs lost in the deluge of film shorts and animations.

10) Share an ifttt recipe

credit to miguelcnf

IFTTT Recipe: Post ifttt recipe to Twitter

IF you create a recipe, THEN tweet. Pretty simple, IF you get any good ideas, THEN let IFTTT know!

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