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This article was published on February 12, 2011

10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Save Money

10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Save Money
Fatema Yasmine
Story by

Fatema Yasmine

Fatema is the founder of SmartGiggles and a technology writer living in San Francisco. You can find her on Twitter @FatemaYasmine. Fatema is the founder of SmartGiggles and a technology writer living in San Francisco. You can find her on Twitter @FatemaYasmine.

It’s always a good time to save money, something my mother would recite to me. To date I have no savings but lots and lots and lots of dresses and shoes. Thrice weekly shopping trips is a bad habit I have not been able to break. However every now and then I do attempt to be good with money and today is one of those said days.

My endeavor to be frugal led me to compile a list of 10 mobile apps that will help you and hopefully me, save money.

Mint : Allows you to keep track of your spending and set yourself a budget. When you break your budget you get sent alerts, managing your money will enable you to save more of it.

Skype : Ditch your call plan, get on Skype, get your friends on Skype and never have to pay to talk again, great for international callers. Calls to landlines are really cheap as is international texting.

Gasbuddy: Shows the lowest prices for petrol stations near your location. It shows you maps which is handy if you don’t know where the gas station is.

RedLaser: A nifty little app to compare prices. Scan the barcode of an item you want to buy and it will tell you if it’s cheaper somewhere else.

Ebay Mobile: There are often great bargains on ebay now with the mobile app you won’t have to miss another auction again. You can bid on anything, at any time, and see the status of your own auctioned items.

Gilt: For those that need luxury goods, Gilt gives you incredible deals on name brands. You can shop on exclusive, time-sensitive sales at a steep discount.

Pageonce Bills: Never incur a late fine from your bills with this app. You can keep track of every bill you pay each month, set reminders to your phone when the bill is due, and track your payments.

ATM Hunter: It’s a great way to stop getting charged money to get your hands on your hard earned cash. It locates your nearest ATM, guides you with a map and can be preset to find your bank’s cash dispenser.

WiFi Finder: Wifi allows smartphone users to access the internet at faster speeds than the 3G network. This application searches for all the free Wifi hotspots near you. It claims to cover 465,000 free hotspots over 140


Cellfire, MobileCoupons, and Yowza: These apps aggregate coupons and will let you know if there are any deals happening in you area. It’s always best to use several of these, to have access to a number of deals.

If you know of any other money saving apps let me know.

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