YouTube Music might soon allow you to upload songs to library

YouTube Music might soon allow you to upload songs to library
One of the standout features in the Google Play Music streaming service is the cloud library, which lets you upload your own collection of audio files and listen to them anywhere. According to 9to5Google, the company is working on a new version of YouTube Music that brings this functionality to the app.

The report noted this new feature is another step towards migrating Google Play Music users to YouTube Music. In January, sleuths at 9to5Google also found evidence of a song locker in a beta version of the YouTube Music app.

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Just like its super confusing chat messaging app portfolio, Google has had these two music services running in parallel for years. In 2017, the search giant combined the teams working on Google Play Music and YouTube Music to “deliver the best possible product for our users.” But it’s yet to unify these.

In 2018, Droid-life reported that Google was planning to phase out Google Play Music by 2019 at that time. While that hasn’t happened yet, the company has slowly but surely indicated that transition will take place at some point.

Sources also told 9to5Google that they expect Google to begin migration in a couple of months, and Google Play Music will shut down in the second half of the year. I’m sure folks working at Google Cemetary will be waiting eagerly for that announcement.

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