Elon Musk’s new song is as bad as his dance moves

Elon Musk’s new song is as bad as his dance moves

This morning I woke up in a good mood. It was a bright day with sunshine, I pet my cats, and went to a nearby cafe to have coffee. I thought this was going to be a good day, but then my colleague Abhimanyu Ghoshal posted Elon Musk‘s new single, Don’t Kill ur Vibe on Slack.

It’s been almost an hour since I first heard the song, and I’m yet to recover from it. What the hell, Elon? I understand that you’re rich and you have lots of money lying around to do stupid stuff. But you could’ve created something like a flamethrower and spared our ears.

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I know, by now, Musk’s fan army is preparing their angry tweets at me, but sit down for a moment, grab a beer, and listen to this song. Come back when you’ve finished it. Tell me you didn’t want to throw your headphones? Tell me you didn’t want to break your phone?

I also think Musk’s partner, Grimes, who’s a well-known artist, didn’t have any clue about it. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure she would’ve asked him to stop.

After his ‘dance performance’ in China earlier this month, I thought he might not indulge much into creating ‘art,’ but I was wrong. I guess he’s living his ‘drunk uncle at a wedding’ fantasy.

Next time, if you feel rich, Elon, please donate some money, make a random gadget, or smoke a blunt with Joe Rogan again. But please don’t release songs.

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