Man says ‘Fuck it, I’ll sell my browser history before ISPs can’

Man says ‘Fuck it, I’ll sell my browser history before ISPs can’
Credit: Petter Rudwall

As you might have heard, the United States Congress has repealed Obama-era internet privacy rules. The upshot of this is that your internet service provider can sell your browsing history and anything else it has collected without your consent.

But not everyone is content to wait for big business to sell their information. After all, if Congress deems your browser history to be a commodity, you should be able to profit from it too, right? That was the thinking of Petter Rudwall, who has put his web info for sale on eBay.

Petter says specifically this was motivated by the Congressional decision:

It’s now time to sell this, before anyone else does it. The fact that the congress has passed a resolution on this triggered my ”you’ll never catch me alive”-nerve and voila! – an opportunity to buy a unique collection of internet unfolded.

Would you sell your info rather than leave it to the mercy of ISPs? If I did, I’d definitely ask for more than the $1 starting bid Petter has posted, but I’m greedy like that.

Update 3/30: eBay removed Petter’s listing due to “privacy concerns.” Undaunted, he’s moved to Craigslist.

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