Samsung to reveal what caused the Note 7 to catch fire later this month

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Samsung had a bumpy 2016. Following numerous reports of fire-catching Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, last October the company made an executive decision to cut its losses and discontinue its faulty flagship series.

While initially its engineers struggled to decisively identify the source of the problem, South Korean news outlet JoongAng Ilbo reports Samsung has finally concluded its investigation and will reveal the probe results later in January.

Following careful examination, the manufacturer previously suggested there may be a combination of factors causing the Note 7 to spontaneously combust, but ultimately refrained from detailing the issue at length.

Earlier reports speculated Samsung failed to follow standard safety regulation practices while testing the battery of the now discontinued series. While the company claimed it found no apparent issues with the Note 7 during testing, we all know how things eventually panned out.

In an effort to curb negative reactions to the discontinuation of its flagship device, in November the South Korean giant ran full-page apology ads in major newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times as well as The Washington Post.

Analysts and investors have already remarked how critical it is for Samsung to get to the bottom of the malfunction in order to restore consumer trust and avoid similar mishaps in the future.

As rumors about the upcoming Galaxy S8 continue to pile up, disclosing what went wrong with the Note 7 is certainly a step in the right direction – but chances are Samsung will have to do a lot more to win back the loyalty of customers.

via Reuters

Samsung has found out what caused the Galaxy Note 7 explosions on JoongAng Ilbo

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