Jolla open-sources the browser for its Sailfish OS-powered smartphone

Jolla open-sources the browser for its Sailfish OS-powered smartphone


Founded by a group of ex-Nokia employees who believed that MeeGo deserved a second chance, Jolla is the first smartphone to offer a fresh take on the forgotten platform, which is now called Sailfish OS. And today, the company behind the platform has announced that it’s opening its first internal app project to the development community.

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From today, the code for the Sailfish Browser can be acquired through GitHub, and anyone is invited to actively contribute to fixes and enhancements for the browser.

Back in December, we reported that the Jolla smartphone was finally going on sale across Europe via a dedicated online store on Jolla’s website. The bundled Sailfish browser is built upon Mozilla’s open source Gecko browser engine, and Jolla co-founder Stefano Mosconi says that one of its objectives in open sourcing its browser is to get official support from Mozilla.

Meanwhile, check out our hands-on with the first Jolla smartphone.

Github | Sailfish Browser

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