HTC One Mini moniker confirmed, 720p HD screen found in tow

HTC One Mini moniker confirmed, 720p HD screen found in tow

The rumored upcoming HTC One Mini smartphone, previously all whispers and hearsay until now, will ship to customers with that name and include a 720p resolution display, according to one of HTC’s own websites.

The company inadvertently confirmed the existence of the HTC One Mini’s name by posting its User Agent Profile to the HTC-owned Taiwanese domain

There’s not a lot of info to be gleaned from the pages in terms of the expected specs of the device, but it does confirm that it should arrive running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will have a 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) screen resolution. Judging from the page, we’d expect the model number of the HTC One Mini to be PO581. Similar information surfaced ahead of the release of the original HTC One, which can also be found on the site with its model number of PN071.

Official information about the HTC One Mini is thin on the ground, although Engadget said last week , citing tipsters, that the device will arrive with a 4.3-inch display of lower resolution than the original HTC One’s 1080p offering.

The device is also expected to keep the same design as its larger sibling, meaning dual front-facing speakers. Other details such as camera specifications or processor power are still unknown but with the leaks becoming more frequent and HTC likely wanting to ride the wave of popularity its One device is currently enjoying, we’d expect to see official details sooner rather than later.

Naturally, TNW asked HTC for comment on the One Mini, but a spokeswoman for the company simply told us that “HTC does not comment on rumor or speculation”.

The introduction of smaller versions of flagship handsets has also been seen in Samsung’s product lineup with the imminent launch of the Galaxy S4 Mini. However, where Samsung has a broad range of devices at a variety of price points, HTC’s One Mini will play a more key role in its range as it looks like it will essentially fill its mid-range handset slot for the forseeable future. Last year, HTC released a number of HTC One-family devices including the HTC One X, S and V.

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