Samsung posts its first Galaxy S IV teaser video (spoiler: no product details at all)

Samsung posts its first Galaxy S IV teaser video (spoiler: no product details at all)

Samsung is launching its next flagship smartphone — which is almost certain to be called the ‘Galaxy S IV’ — in New York on March 14, and it has already begun teasing fans with the first promotional video.

Here it is below — first spotted by The Verge — don’t expect any product details here, just a lot of…well…teasing.

Samsung is famed for its vast advertising budget — which has seen the Korean firm rope in celebrities like Tim Burton and Seth Brogan — and now it is putting those considerable resources towards promoting the ‘Samsung UNPACKED 2013‘ campaign.

One interesting point to note about Samsung’s marketing of the event to date is that the company appears to be planning some kind of public event at Times Square to coincide with the launch. That’s according to a rather cryptic tweet that it sent out last week, which even suggests members of the public may be able to gets ‘hands-on’ with the new phone.

The fact that the launch is taking place in the US — as opposed to London, where the Galaxy S III was launched — is already telling of Samsung’s desire to rival Apple more closely in the North American market.

With the first teaser out of the way, and knowing the way Samsung works its marketing, we can certainly expect more to come…building on this movie theme, no doubt.

The Samsung Galaxy S III passed 40 million sales in January — taking the S series itself past 100 million sales — and, for at least one quarter, the device was the world’s top selling smartphone. That’s a baseline for what Samsung will expect from its new flagship smartphone, full details of which will be revealed in just 10 days.


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