Amazon begins shipping its new Kindle devices in Europe, as LoveFilm makes its Kindle Fire debut

Amazon begins shipping its new Kindle devices in Europe, as LoveFilm makes its Kindle Fire debut

After a launch event last month, Amazon has begun shipping its latest Kindle devices — the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD — in Europe but, with a difference. LoveFilm, the Amazon-owned Netflix rival, comes pre-installed on the Fire devices, in a move that is sure to increase its visibility in the UK, Italy, Germany and other launch markets.

Last week, we noted that LoveFilm was allowing some users to sign-in via their Amazon accounts and the integration is getting tighter in Europe. LoveFilm replaces the default video services that are present in the US, although the film app on the Fire and Fire HD will include a range of US features, including Whispersync, which allows pause/resume across a range of devices, including the PS3.  Also available in Europe is watch list and the new X-Ray for Movies service which, powered by Amazon-owned IMDb, provides viewers with details on what they are watching.

The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD both come with a one-month free trial, aimed at bringing owners of the devices aboard. The move is a “huge moment” for LoveFilm, as Jim Buckle, its managing director, explains in an announcement.

Price-wise, the Kindle Fire 8GB is available for £129 ($207), the Fire HD in 16GB retails for £159 (€255) and the 32GB-version for £199 (€320). The video services aren’t available on the Kindle Paperwhite, which starts at £109 ($175), with a 3G version costing £169 ($270).

Amazon tooks its first steps to launching the three new models in Japan when it opened pre-orders yesterday. The US giant said that those ordering via will receive their Kindle Paperwhite orders from November 19, with Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD shipments commencing December 19.

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