Mobile now accounts for more than 18% of Domino’s Pizza Group’s online sales

Mobile now accounts for more than 18% of Domino’s Pizza Group’s online sales

Domino’s Pizza Group, today announces its interim management statement for the 13 week period up to 23 September 2012. The document in its entirety might not be a tech news spectacular, but it does have a few threads that show how UK pizza lovers are also fans of convenience.

Overall, system sales for the period were up by 7.9% to £136.4m, with year-to-date system sales up by 10.0% to £424.1m.

Online sales for the pie seller have continue to increase, with e-commerce accounting for 58.4% of UK delivered sales. So not only do we like our pizza delivered, but it seems that the Domino’s website is striking the right chord with users making their orders online.

Total online sales for the period rose by 39.3% to £62.8m and have reached £184.9m for the year-to-date. Within this figure, mobile sales continue to rise sharply, up by 46.9%, and now account for 18.5% of total online sales.

This is not surprising as Domino’s has been pushing its mobile commerce, consistently trying new areas of sale. Earlier this year it launched an Android tablet app for the Amazon Appstore. In February, the brand launched its Windows phone app.

By increasing its focus on mobile, Domino’s has seen extraordinary figures. In March this year, it saw £1 million ($1.59 million) in sales over mobile in just one week.

In the meat-space, the company is still growing with 11 new stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Germany and it recently acquired the business and assets of Domino’s Switzerland, adding 12 stores to the Group’s portfolio and rights to develop the market in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The company says that it has faced planning challenges in the UK but that it is still on track to open 60 new stores in the UK by the end of the financial year. But by then won’t we all be ordering on our smartphones?

The brand worldwide has been innovating around social as well as online sales. In May, Australian customers were able to take advantage of ordering through Facebook.

Domino’s seems to be reaping the rewards of investing in places where its customers are and mobile is proving to be an extraordinarily lucrative area. Putting effort into e-commerce and mobile makes sense for a product that is about convenience, and what could be more convenient than a delivered pizza ordered on one of the handiest tools in your pocket?

Image Credit: Robert W.Howington

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