Samsung: We’ve shipped 5 million Galaxy Notes in just 5 months

Samsung: We’ve shipped 5 million Galaxy Notes in just 5 months

The Samsung Galaxy Note has many detractors, it’s a 5.3-inch smartphone-cum-tablet that has to be seen (or played with) to be believed.

However, the device has topped 1 million sales within two months from its launch and today, the Korean vendor has announced it has already passed 5 million ‘global cumulative sales’ in its supply chain (shipments) in five months.

Samsung says that China, Spain and France contribute the largest share of purchases in its overseas markets, matching the markets that saw increased sales in December where shipments were “on the rise in Europe and Asia including France, Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan”.

However, the Galaxy Note performed the best domestically, with Korea accounting for 67% of its total worldwide shipments.

The device is still scheduled to receive an Ice Cream Sandwich, an update that has been delayed whilst the company readies the ‘Premium Pack’ for the device. The Korea vendor has already rolled out an update for the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note owners will be hoping it won’t be too long until they get a taste Google’s latest Android firmware.

Samsung has enjoyed success with its range of Android-powered devices, particularly the Galaxy S and SII smartphones —which have topped 30 million sales worldwide – indicating that the company is off to a good start with its newest handset.

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