Could this be the new Nokia 900?

Could this be the new Nokia 900?

We just brought you the specs and details on the forthcoming Nokia 710 and 800 handsets, but now we have more. Contrary to our previous reporting, and speculation, it appears that the rumored ‘Ace’ handset is in fact real, and could be revealed in short order.

We are too intrigued to suffer much contrition at being wrong. According to images leaked by The Nokia Blog, this is what the phone should be packing: “Windows Phone 7.5, [a] 1.4GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 32 GB inbuilt memory, Bluetooth 4.0, and [a] 1800 mAh battery.” In other words, this phone has far more than enough juice to run the relatively lightweight WP7 package.

Nokia’s material on the device (assuming that what we have is legit) calls it ‘thin, smart, and powerful.’ Tomorrow we will see. Three handsets seem to be what the Finnish giant has in store for us at its Nokia World conference which kicks off in a relatively short number of hours.

Now, because we know you want them, here are the images:

You can find and read all of our Nokia coverage here. In other Windows Phone related news, a new report is out that claims that Microsoft’s phone line will garner some 12% market share in 2012. We remain unconvinced, but it is hard to deny that the platform has had a positive past few months.

Be sure that you are following TNW Microsoft, tomorrow is an important day.

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