Nuance brings text-to-speech capabilities to Windows Phone 7 developers

Nuance brings text-to-speech capabilities to Windows Phone 7 developers

Nuance, makers of popular speech-recognition apps for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows, lifted the covers from its updated NDEV Mobile program for developers, with added support for Windows Phone 7 in the Dragon Mobile SDK, Engadget reports.

The program now features three levels of service—Silver, Gold and Emerald—that will give developers increasing levels of access to the company’s speech-to-text technologies. The program had so far included Android and iOS and is now available to Windows Phone 7 developers as well. It also adds a new web services interface and support for eight new languages.

The NDEV Silver program gives developers free access to Nuance’s cloud-based text-to-speech capabilities in over 30 languages for both general dictation and search. The paid Gold tier gives them access to SSL data encryption, more advanced support and the company’s new HTTP web services interface. The Emerald option is for businesses that need advanced customisation options, such as custom vocabularies and grammars. It also boasts of other features such as user experience consulting, more advanced text-to-speech and even better support.

The Dragon Mobile SDK supports Android 2.1, iOS 4.0 and Windows Phone 7.1 and later and is available starting today. What this means for users is that they may soon start seeing even more advanced text-to-speech capabilities in Nuance-powered applications on all three mobile platforms.

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