1 Million Android and iOS apps have now been published: Report

1 Million Android and iOS apps have now been published: Report

As the smartphone market continues to boom and device owners download an increasing number of applications, app discovery platform AppsFire today announced that there have now been more than 1 million apps published to the Apple App Store and Android Market combined.

The company is quick to point out that not all of those apps are active (downloadable), with the total number of active applications sitting at around 80%. Of the combined number of apps published to either the App Store or Android Market, iOS accounts for 52% (roughly 520,000 apps) of the million titles published, whether they are active or inactive.

148apps.biz reports that 593,492 apps have been published on the US App Store since it launched. Android Market tracker AppBrain puts the total number of Android applications at 282,830 – not quite mirroring the 52%/48% split noted by AppsFire, but with Google actively pruning its app database every quarter, the number of deleted or banned apps could increment the app count substantially.

AppsFire tracks each app entering either the App Store or Android Market, using algorithms and friend recommendations to suggest apps that smartphone owners might be interested in.

The company looks forward to tracking 1 million live apps combined on iOS and Android, then 1 million apps by operating system.

Judging by how quickly app stores are growing, we might not have long to wait.

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