Samsung Ships 2 Million Galaxy Tab Devices

Samsung Ships 2 Million Galaxy Tab Devices

Samsung has announced that it has now shipped over two million of its Galaxy Tab tablet devices, surpassing the figure in just three months since the device launched.

The 7-inch tablet is now sold via 200 mobile carriers in 94 countries, with 750,000 Galaxy Tab’s being shipped to Europe, 350,000 to North America and 330,000 units in Asia.

It has taken roughly six weeks for Samsung to sell another million Galaxy Tab devices after taking just two months to sell its first million, meaning at the time, the electronics giant increased its end of year sales target to 1.5 million units.

In contrast, Apple sold 7.33 million iPad’s in its last quarter, proving that the company still had complete control over the tablet market in that period. Samsung’s 7-inch tablet will most likely be upgraded early this year, to provide competition to the influx of Android Honeycomb tablets due to hit the market come March, it is not known whether Samsung will oversee the Galaxy Tab’s upgrade to a more tablet-friendly OS.

It is rumoured that Samsung will announce a 10-inch “Galaxy Tab 2” at February’s Mobile World Congress, which could spell the end for its smaller counterpart.

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