Quick! Take down your Christmas lights, these are smarter.

Quick! Take down your Christmas lights, these are smarter.

It’s a little late to have made it onto your Christmas tree when you first put it up but a new product from MEA Mobile could make you the envy of your gadget-loving friends and family.

iGloLEDset is a very slick new product that brings interactive lighting into your Christmas household, set completely using your smartphone. Available on both iOS and Android devices, iGloLEDset is a very bright, full colour lighting kit where users can wave their phones in the air to control a 16 to 50 foot strip of lights that features between 120 and 360 lights.

MEA Mobile hopes that the lights will tempt architectural markets, restaurants, custom car specialists and casual hobbyists who want to introduce a greater sense of interactivity to their Christmas decorations.

The lights themselves are controlled via an app that updates the colour of the LED lights in real-time, as well as offering a number of presets to choose from. It connects to the household Wi-Fi network and can be accessed remotely to change various settings before downloading the app.

It’s certainly not cheap at $299, but who can say they have complete control over the colour and frequency of their Christmas lights?

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