Android 2.2 Now Powers A Third Of All Google Phones

Android 2.2 Now Powers A Third Of All Google Phones

Google’s latest Android figures are in and the results are far from surprising; Android 2.2 is now powering one in every three phones running Google’s operating system.

The Platform Versions report is posted to Google’s Android Developers dashboard, giving developers and Android aficionados the chance to view the spread or visualise the fragmentation of the OS.

Android 2.2 now powers 33.4% of Android phones, a rise of nearly 6%, but Android 2.1 is still more widespread with a 40.4% share. Android 1.5 and 1.6 account for the other 26% showing that manufacturers and carriers are doing a good job of updating devices to a more robust and feature heavy flavour of the Android OS.

Even though one quarter of devices still run an old version of Android, it could be that device owners are unaware of how to install the updates or are happy with how their device operates, reducing the need to update.

Froyo is expected to reach a number of newer devices in the coming weeks, soon older firmware’s will be relegated to obsolete status.

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