Want details on that Facebook phone? Here’s the lowdown

Want details on that Facebook phone? Here’s the lowdown

A few days ago, rumors started flowing about Facebook building a phone. At first it was, then it wasn’t, then maybe it was taking part in building a phone. The whole thing developed into a mess rather quickly. Now that some time has passed, we can get a better look at the whole story.

Over at GigaOm, Om has put in some time coming up with the details, and here’s what we know:

  • Facebook is building an Android-based phone in collaboration with INQ
  • Will be sold in Europe via Carphone Warehouse, among others
  • INQ also makes a Skype phone
  • INQ previously made a Facebook Contacts-integrated device
  • INQ is said to be working with AT&T in the US
  • 2 flavors – touch screen and QWERTY

What else is there? Here’s some more insight:

  • No final deal yet with AT&T
  • Will not be ready as early as some have suggested (H1, 2011)
  • Will likely be bundled with Spotify outside of the US market
  • May launch with Spotify in the US if Spotify comes to the US ahead of the release
  • Most UI/UX on the phone is going to be handled by INQ

There are still scores of unanswered questions, and of course there is that extremely vague interview with Zuckerberg to top it all off. The biggest questions, however, are your own. Would you want a Facebook phone? Is there a call for it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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