Real time phone to console gaming coming to Windows Phone 7

Real time phone to console gaming coming to Windows Phone 7

Greg Milligan, Mobility Solutions Manager at Microsoft has given us another reason to look forward to the launch of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system after the rep confirmed that Microsoft will be integrating real time phone to console gaming in the near future.

Whilst the feature may not be immediately available when handsets ship in October, users will eventually be able to connect to the Xbox Live service via a WIFI connection and play a multiplayer game with a friend live, instead of the initial turn-by-turn gaming that is expecting to be available at launch.

We owe this information to RGBFilter, who interviewed Milligian at GamesCon, allowing us to get an idea of some of the other excellent features offered by the upcoming Microsoft OS.

Milligan suggested that Xbox Live titles would cost somewhere between $1.99 and $2.99 an excellent price point for a game that can be played across multiple platforms.

When Xbox Live friends invite you to play a game, the users’ avatar will show up on your phone and prompt you to play, much better than a standard push notification. We don’t know how this will work if the user is browsing another app at that time though.

Microsoft will not be integrating Twitter into its core OS at launch, instead choosing to partner with a number of third-party developers to help integrate the social network by way if separate apps.

Credit goes out to Microsoft, you can’t accuse it of not trying to innovate.

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