Developer Creates Online Windows Phone 7 App Generator

Developer Creates Online Windows Phone 7 App Generator

Windows Phone 7 is a little way off from launching, but that doesn’t mean that developers are hard at work creating and testing their apps for the mobile operating systems official release.

Mobile developer Jay Desai has created an online application that allows users to make their own Windows Phone 7 app and compile them, ready for submission to the Marketplace, without having to enter a single line of code.

Currently, the software is very basic and allows the user to change the background of the app, add RSS feeds, a Facebook page and to read Twitter updates. Desai has signalled his intentions to add YouTube, Flickr and other online services, positioning it as a very fast and effective way for a brand or a website to create an official Windows Phone 7 app for their users/readers.

To make sure users don’t use this tool and submit a rash of buggy applications, Desai has limited use of the application by placing a password on the service. Users must request access via his Twitter account to be able to use the tool.

Below is a demo video of the application in action:

As WMPowerUser quite rightly points out, getting the application to the Marketplace will be the real barrier to entry. Developers are required to pay a year development membership fee to Microsoft, costing $100, meaning some brands could possibly refrain from submitting their app due to its lack of features and moderate cost.

Then again, that might just what Microsoft want, keeping lower quality apps to a minimum.

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