Free iPhone 4 Bumpers Begin To Ship

Free iPhone 4 Bumpers Begin To Ship

Last week we reported Apple had released its own iPhone app to allow iPhone 4 owners to claim their free iPhone 4 bumper. At that time shipping was thought to be between 3-4 weeks but it now appears some orders have already been fulfilled and are shipping today.

TUAW received tips from its readers suggesting that orders were being fulfilled from last week, one customer based in Houston is due to receive his bumper on the 2nd August. It appears the orders are not just being fulfilled in the US either, with one UK based customer notifying the Apple blog of his shipping notice, just two days after he had made his order.

We don’t know if Apple are just rerouting some of its stock or that the company has been able to manufacture more units to meet demand. If you registered to claim your free bumper, be sure to check the status of your order.

For those who haven’t yet claimed their free bumper, you have until September 30th to do so.

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