iPhone 4 Carrier Unlock Proven, Release Coming Soon

iPhone 4 Carrier Unlock Proven, Release Coming Soon

Just as George Hotz (GeoHot) announces his departure from public releases of his jailbreaking tools, the iPhone Dev Team come along and announce it has managed to successfully perform a carrier unlock for the iPhone 4.

Proof was posted to Twitter by @PlanetBeing, a member of the iPhone Dev Team, demonstrating a picture of his iPhone 4 handset running on Canada’s Bell network.

Apparently the “soft-unlock” is one of three methods to unlock the device once inside the baseband, a method that achieves an unlock by injecting a software vulnerability instead of the more reliable and harder to patch hardware solution or official unlock.

iPhone Dev Team leader @MuscleNerd has indicated that a release will come soon, with the duo working on streamlining the process beforehand.

Stay tuned, we will let you know as soon as it becomes available.

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