Pictures Of iPhone 4 Bumper Cases Surface

Pictures Of iPhone 4 Bumper Cases Surface

When Steve Jobs took to the stage at the WWDC Conference, not many people expected the Apple CEO to announce that Apple would be manufacturing its own accessories to accompany its new range of iPhones dropping at the end of the month.

The accessories, known as “Bumpers”, slip around the edge of the iPhone 4, come in rubber and molded plastic and in Apple’s words “add a touch of style to any phone.”

Until today we hadn’t had the chance to see what the cases actually looked like in the flesh but thanks to AppAdvice and Macrumors, we have three clear shots of a Bumper applied to an iPhone 4 handset:

If I’m honest, I don’t know what to make of the bumpers. I plan to get the new iPhone but I can’t see myself purchasing one of these too.

Stylish? Functional? What do you think?

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