iPhone 4G To Feature Camera Flash?

iPhone 4G To Feature Camera Flash?

New features found within the iPhone 4.0 OS framework suggest that the fourth generation iPhone (4G), expected to be launched in the summer, will feature a built-in camera flash.

As developers have been able to delve into the iPhone 4.0 OS SDK, AppleInsider reports that three new features have been included that not only shed new light on user photos but also allude to the controlling of camera settings such as white balance, to name just one.

The three new features are AVCaptureDevice.hasFlash a function that will most likely check to see if the Apple device has a physical camera flash, VCaptureDevice.flashMode which could activate flash mode and AVCaptureDevice.hasTorch a function that switches the flash to a “torch” mode which will most probably serve as a backlight for video.

The rumour seems credible as previous reports have indicated Apple had struck deals with Omnivision to supply CMOS image sensors and Philips to equip future devices with their LED camera flash technology.

With the pending release of iPhone OS 4.0; not only with Apple purists be able to enjoy multi-tasking, folders and enhanced customization – features that many other smartphones (inluding the Nexus One) already include – users may have some extra hardware improvements to arm themselves against the iPhone naysayers.

Throw in 4G support, an OLED screen and longer battery life, Apple will have themselves some very happy repeat customers.

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