Microsoft’s new Surface Pro just leaked, but it’s not a ‘Pro 5’

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro just leaked, but it’s not a ‘Pro 5’
Credit: VentureBeat

Microsoft’s next Surface event is happening on Monday, where it’s rumored to be announcing an update to its Surface Pro line. But a fresh batch of leaks is giving us an early look at the new Surface Pro.

The leaks come courtesy of ever-reliable leaker Evan Blass on VentureBeat. Notice that there’s no ‘Pro 5’ moniker. Microsoft appears to no longer be numbering the series, taking more of a MacBook-style approach. That would also nicely explain Panos Panay’s comments that there’s “no such thing” as a Surface Pro 5 in an interview with CNET earlier this month.

The name change is probably a good move in the long run – it means Microsoft can make spec upgrades as necessary without the major expectations that come with a new version number.

The leak doesn’t reveal any new specs, but all signs suggest the main change will be an upgrade to Kaby Lake processors. Otherwise, Microsoft is adding new Alcantara Type Covers to match the awesome colors revealed for the Surface Laptop, as well as matching Surface Pens. I’m a big fan of that Cobalt blue.

Oh, and there’s still no USB-C. I could rant all day about that (actually, I already have), but given the minor refresh, that’s not particularly surprising.

We’ll surely find out a lot more come Monday – stay tuned to TNW for all the news as it comes.

This is the Microsoft Surface Pro on VentureBeat

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