First credible Surface Pro 5 rumors materialize

First credible Surface Pro 5 rumors materialize

It’s been a solid year and a half since Microsoft updated its Surface Pro line, yet the rumor mill has kept surprisingly quiet on any updates. But today we may be getting our first look at what’s to come, courtesy of longtime Microsoft connoisseur, Paul Thurrott.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to it.

Thurrott says the Surface Pro 5 won’t make any dramatic changes. We’ll get Kaby Lake processors, as expected, but Microsoft is keeping its proprietary ‘Surface Connect’ charger (which also serves as a docking port).

Some have taken this to mean that the Surface Pro 5 won’t get USB-C, but that seems extremely unlikely to me. Microsoft has held out on the port long enough, and the “no one uses USB-C” argument no longer holds water now that every new phone that isn’t an iPhone comes with it.  It’s also totally possible that the device could support charging through both USB-C and a proprietary charger, as we’ve seen on some Windows laptops.

Microsoft is rumored to be announcing its next hardware event within the coming weeks, though the signs suggest there won’t be a new Surface Book or Surface Phone quite yet. I just want to know what ever happened to the successor to the non-Pro Surface 3?

Via Ars Technica

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