Yep, that Microsoft emotion-detecting AI is super good at its job

Yep, that Microsoft emotion-detecting AI is super good at its job

Another day, another Microsoft facial recognition tool that funnels the internet’s amusement straight into Bing’s search algorithm.

Just kidding! Microsoft said it doesn’t keep your photos, but they’re likely being used to help improve the AI. Today’s tool, Project Oxford, lets you upload a picture and the bot will guess your emotions. As you can imagine, the Web had a field day with it.

Let’s use the same model we did last time with Microsoft’s How Old bot. Dawson didn’t fare too well last time with an age guesstimation of 71, at least Microsoft knows he’s grieving pretty hard.

ms dawson emotion

So is Kim Kardashian, with a peculiar 12 percent tint of potential happiness.

ms kim emotion

It’s also good for solving age-old mysteries.

ms mona lisa

How’s Riley really feeling? Okay, I guess.

ms riley

Obviously, the tool still needs some tweaks to start factoring body position and food being consumed into consideration.

Only 7 percent angry, eh?

Still, can’t say we’re not impressed.

If you have any more interesting results, share them with us below!

Project Oxford

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