Goodbye Microsoft redirects UK visitors to its own site

Goodbye Microsoft redirects UK visitors to its own site

Slowly but surely, Microsoft is bringing everything related to Nokia’s devices and services division inside its own corporate structure.

The company’s latest move is to shift this part of its business away from and over to a new home managed underneath At the moment this only affects the UK version of Nokia’s website, although it’s likely other geographical variants will follow in the future.

The site is still live for people in the UK, but you’ll find that accessing most pages will simply redirect you to the new Microsoft portal.

It’s a small change, but one that follows rumors stating Microsoft will eventually abandon the Nokia and Windows Phone branding. If that’s the case, we might look back on this as a crucial moment in the transition.

If you’re wondering, the part of Nokia that Microsoft didn’t acquire is using as its URL.

Microsoft (via The Verge)

Top image credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

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