Microsoft integrates OneDrive for Business into main OneDrive for Android app, iOS app gets native search

Microsoft integrates OneDrive for Business into main OneDrive for Android app, iOS app gets native search ...

Microsoft today announced updates to its OneDrive apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The biggest changes are being made on Google’s mobile platform, but users of the other two platforms are also getting notable improvements.

First and foremost, Microsoft is planning to finally merge OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. Back in the SkyDrive days, the business app was known as SkyDrive Pro, and instead of taking the opportunity to merge the two when it rebranded, Microsoft did what it does best: it took its sweet old time.


Android is getting the treatment first: the OneDrive app now lets you manage both your personal and work files. As Microsoft puts it: “This is the first example of how we’re creating a single, unified OneDrive experience that holistically addresses what people, businesses, and IT managers’ need.”


You can access your personal photos and business presentations (kept separate of course), share content with family, coworkers, or even both, all from a single app. Microsoft promises that OneDrive makes it clear which files you’re accessing, so you don’t need to worry about backing up photos to your work account or sharing a critical document with your mom.

Next up, the Android app now supports setting up a PIN. You can create a four-digit code for limiting access to the app and your files. Other improvements include camera backup speed and reliability tweaks, and the ability to open OneDrive files directly from other apps.



iOS has received a new native search experience: just swipe down to reveal a search box. No matter where you are in the app, you can quickly find a specific file or folder.

Also, the All Photos view has been ported from the Web app. It lets you see all of your photos from across your OneDrive grouped together and organized chronologically. Annoyingly this includes videos too, and we’re surprised Microsoft is sticking with this confusing label.

Windows Phone


Frustratingly, Microsoft’s own platform is getting the least love today. There are “a number of bug fixes” and the ability to access the OneDrive recycle bin. You can thus restore accidentally deleted files and folders while on the go.

Microsoft didn’t reveal what’s coming next, aside from OneDrive for Business integration for iOS and Windows Phone. We do know, however, that a slew of updates to the OneDrive apps and service are scheduled to arrive “in the coming months.”

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