Hold on to your Titans, Xbox Live is down for Xbox One

Hold on to your Titans, Xbox Live is down for Xbox One

It’s Friday and you want to unwind after a grueling work week with some Titanfall. But wait, Xbox Live isn’t working right now. Noooooo.

There is currently an issue with Xbox Live and the Xbox One. As of 11:22:10 AM CST Xbox One users are having trouble signing into the service. Microsoft says that it is working on the issue and will provide an update at  11:52:10 AM.

Update: As of 2:36:19 PM CST, Microsoft posted the following to its Xbox Live Status page: “We have some good news for you, Xbox members! You can sign in to Xbox Live without any issues. Thanks for your patience.”

But, there seems to be an issue with figuring out what your friends are doing on the service for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 according to this update at 12:41:20 PM CST: “Xbox members, are you having a hard time seeing what your friends are up to? No need for concern, we’re working hard to fix the issue ASAP. Thanks for being patient in the meantime. We’ll have an update for you in a half hour.”

Update 2: Xbox Live is reporting all clear. Enjoy your weekend gaming.

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