Skype for Xbox One gets synced chats, push notifications, contact filtering for who is online, and more

Skype for Xbox One gets synced chats, push notifications, contact filtering for who is online, and more ...

Skype today released the first update for its Xbox One app, adding new features and squashing a bunch of bugs. The new version is rolling out gradually, but if you don’t see it on your console you should be able to grab it soon.

First and foremost, Skype says it has improved the chat component. If you’re using Skype on your computer, phone, or tablet as well as your Xbox One, the app should now keep your conversations in sync. The Microsoft-owned company says it has reduced the number of missed messages “to make your chat experience even better.”


Chat is not only synchronized but it also includes push notifications, alerting you when a new message arrives. Furthermore, the Xbox One app also provides a longer chat history: up to 1,000 messages, rather than just the past seven days.

Next up, contact filtering now lets you see who is online. This means you finally don’t have to scroll through your entire contacts list to find someone to chat with.

Remaining new features include a first time tutorial for how to use video calling and chatting in the living room, as well as new emoticons based on characters from Marvel’s Captain America. Last but not least, Skype says it has addressed the most pressing problems since releasing the console’s launch in November:

In the past few months, we’ve been listening to your feedback and working hard to fix some of the issues our users have been experiencing. So keep telling us what you’re finding, and we’ll keep improving the experience to make Skype for Xbox One the best it can be.

Despite that claim, this update still doesn’t let you use Skype like a gamer would expect: while playing games. We’re still waiting for Microsoft to work out all the kinks before it starts adding the really big features.

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