Bing for Android and iOS redesigned with option to set homepage image on lockscreen, sync bookmarks and images

Bing for Android and iOS redesigned with option to set homepage image on lockscreen, sync bookmarks and ...

Microsoft today announced major redesigns of its Bing app for Android and iOS. You can download the new version now directly from Google Play and Apple’s App Store (iPad and iPhone).

Design changes aside, the biggest addition is the ability to set Bing’s homepage image of the day as your lockscreen. This finally brings one of the search engine’s most unique features from the desktop to mobile.


On Android, turning the feature on is as easy as tapping middle the button at the bottom of the screen. The background on your device will automatically switch as well.


On iOS, things are a bit more complicated due to the limitations of Apple’s platform. You will need to login with your Microsoft account, tap the button at the bottom of the homepage, and follow the steps presented in the dialogue boxes.

First off, you will be given the option to back up the image to your SkyDrive folder in case you want to use the image as wallpaper on another device. To set it as your lockscreen or wallpaper, you’ll have to manually go to Settings, tap on Wallpapers & Brightness, hit Choose Wallpaper, and then set the homepage image from the Camera Roll.

Here is the Bing for Android changelog:

  • Redesigned UI and many new features.
  • Set Bing daily image as your Android wallpaper!
  • Fix pinch to zoom in/zoom out when browsing web pages as well as some crash bugs.

Here is the Bing for iOS changelog:

  • A cleaner, simpler UI for iOS 7.
  • Save the daily image to use as wallpaper.
  • Save bookmarks and images and access them via SkyDrive.

Last but not least, this update allows you to sync bookmarks and images saved in the app. All you need to do is sign-in, bookmark a page in the app on one of your devices, and it will sync across your Bing apps on Android and iOS.

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