Skype pulls Click to Call plugin for Safari due to issues with OS X Mavericks, says it is working on a fix

Skype pulls Click to Call plugin for Safari due to issues with OS X Mavericks, says it is working on ...

Skype today announced it has temporarily pulled the Skype Click to Call plugin for Safari. The company said it is “no longer compatible with the Safari (Mac) browser” due to “changes in the new Mac OS X Mavericks” but it wouldn’t elaborate what exactly the problem was.

If you already have the plugin installed, you can continue using it as long as you haven’t yet upgraded to OS X Mavericks. If you do upgrade, Skype warns users that they “may experience compatibility issues.”

To avoid potential problems, Skype is recommending that you disable Skype Click to Call in your browser settings by following these steps before upgrading your operating system:

  1. Go to Preferences in Safari.
  2. Click Extensions on the top rail.
  3. Uncheck the “Enable Skype Click to Call” box.

The good news is that Skype doesn’t plan to axe the plugin completely. The Microsoft-owned company says it is “working on a solution” to make Click to Call available on Safari again, but it wouldn’t offer a timeframe for a resolution.

Because OS X Mavericks adoption is rising quickly, Skype probably decided it is best to pull the plugin before more users run into problems. It’s a smart move, assuming a working version is released again in a timely fashion.

We’re still not clear on what exactly is causing problems for the plugin, and why Skype didn’t notice issues when it ran tests on OS X Mavericks. We have contacted Skype for more information and will update this post if we hear back. In the meantime, we’d recommend trying out Chrome on OS X Mavericks to see whether the plugin works.

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