Eyes on the Xbox One: An edgy beast with a new controller and Kinect sensor

Eyes on the Xbox One: An edgy beast with a new controller and Kinect sensor

Today at the Xbox event in Redmond, Washington, we got a chance to take a bit closer look at the new Xbox One, its accompanying Kinect sensor and updated controller.

The look has been significantly updated from the original 360, with a far more threatening and industrial feel. Sharp blades of vents and a mixture of matte and glossy black make it look a lot like a piece of machinery, rather than electronics. Where the (original) 360 felt light and bright, this feels dark and menacing. It’s obviously a continuation of the design scheme that was established with the updated ‘smaller’ 360.

The rear panel has a mess of ports that include (from left to right) power, HDMI out, optical out, HDMI in, two USB 3.0 ports, a proprietary Kinect port (which appears to be two USB ports mashed together), an IR out port (for controlling a cable box?) and the gigabit ethernet.

The controller has also gotten a once over, with a slimmer profile and darker look. The battery hump on the underside has been trimmed away, and now sets up into the body. The stick and button positioning remain the same, but the colored gems are now higher contrast, with letters that jump out.

The new Kinect sensor is very boxy, with a big eye on one end and the Xbox badge on the other. The larger oval is the camera, and the IR sensor is behind the faceplate. It’s also far lower profile now, with a squat stand that appears to allow for less articulation. This is likely due to the wider angle camera, which doesn’t require that you adjust it as much in order to pick up people that are closer and further away, or at the edges of a room.


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