Microsoft promises ‘continued’ updates as it works to solve WiFi issues affecting Surface Pro tablets

Microsoft promises ‘continued’ updates as it works to solve WiFi issues affecting Surface ...

According to a forum post, Microsoft is aware of of continuing issues regarding WiFi connectivity on the Surface Pro tablet hybrid. TNW has not experienced the problem firsthand, but it is described as the “Limited WiFi issue.”

In the entry, Microsoft apologizes that an earlier update did not solve the bug, and promises “continued wireless updates” in the coming months to presumably correct the issue and any other. The firm notes that Patch Tuesday, the glorious monthly orgy of Microsoft firmware patching, as the next point at which we might expect new code for the Surface Pro.

There is an irony to promising wireless updates to a wireless issue, but we can set it aside.

The Surface Pro, the higher end of its Surface line, has generally sold well since its launch, perhaps besting the Surface RT launch, and finding a different niche among enterprise-level users. The Surface Pro runs Windows 8, whereas the RT runs Windows RT; Windows RT is an operating system run on ARM chips and provides a limited experience when compared to Windows 8.

User Steven_B, a Surface engineer, has asked for owners of the devices to provide updates regarding the issue. It’s not a surprising move, given how important the Surface line is for Microsoft; more than simply its first foray into the OEM world, the Surface RT and Pro are the most effective conduits by which Windows reaches the market. If they have issue, Windows 8 as a whole has problems.

If you’ve experienced the Surface Pro WiFi issue, send in an email detailing what went down. We’re asking around to how it can be induced, if at all, to allow for testing on our end.

Image credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP / Getty Images

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