Irony: Windows Phone dev excitement could boost Windows 8’s young ecosystem

Irony: Windows Phone dev excitement could boost Windows 8’s young ecosystem

A fresh poll taken of Windows Phone developers shows strong interest among that demographic in developing applications for Windows 8.

Unscientific polling is always tricky ground, but it can illuminate all the same, when put into proper context. Briefly, Windows Phone Geek, a place that WPCentral calls “one of the main places for [Windows Phone] devs to gather,” polled its audience, and produced the following results:

Given that this data is polled not only from Windows Phone developers, but from the subset of that demographic so active in building for Microsoft’s mobile platform that they frequent digital haunts to hang with their peers. Thus, we can safely assume that the 96% figure does not apply to all Windows Phone developers.

That in mind, it’s still an impressive figure. Windows Phone has passed the 100,000 app mark, a line that Windows 8 is leagues from crossing. If the company can effect the cross-pollination that it hopes to induce by moving Windows Phone to a shared core with Windows 8, we could see spurred development levels.

However, and I say this humbly, I honsestly have had it backwards; I’ve always assumed that strong development rates for Windows 8 would lead to a boost in work done for Windows Phone, not the other way around.

Still, with app figures so low for Windows 8, whatever it can get, it needs.

Top Image Credit: BUILDWindows

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