Windows Phone ‘Tango’ update may land in early June

Windows Phone ‘Tango’ update may land in early June

According to Mi Movil, sources are placing the landing date for the ‘Tango’ in early June. Tango is the long-expected update to the Windows Phone platform that will lower its minimum hardware specifications. Microsoft intends to use those lowered standards as an opportunity to bring Windows Phone hardware into local markets that are priced out of traditional smartphones.

Markets such as India and China could be prime targets for such a strategy.

The Tango update had been set to drop in late April, but the delay is hardly surprising. Microsoft is one for two, when it comes to updates to its mobile platform, having had a smooth time with its ‘Mango’ release. However, the first major Windows Phone update was a painful affair, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many of its early adopters.

WPCentral has a similar take: “Microsoft reportedly pushed the April time-frame for release back to June so that more operators could finish testing and Microsoft could target a more universal roll-out, much like Mango. This becomes self-evident when you realize that no Tango updates have happened yet, even though the ROM has been finalized.” The potential value of more total testing is worth the cost of a few week’s delay; as the company didn’t set a formal release date, this delay isn’t embarrassing.

Tango is coming, but what has the Windows Phone community in a bigger stir is the applicability of Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo, to early Windows Phone handsets. Microsoft has yet to clarify the matter. TNW’s request for comment went neglected, which is a rarity. When we know more, so will you.

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