Have a BUILD tablet? How to install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview right now

Have a BUILD tablet? How to install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview right now

If you are watching our live blog of the Windows 8 event, you are likely all hot and bothered over the idea of downloading and installing the operating system’s Consumer Preview. If you have one of those fancy tablets that Microsoft gave out at its BUILD event, you are probably even more excited than the rest.

Here’s the rub: if you do have one of the devices, as it currently stands, Windows Update will not take you to the Consumer Preview promised land. You have to start the upgrade by hand. In tests this morning, as of the time of writing, Windows Update moved TNW’s tablet to a new set of what appeared to be minor bug fixes and security updates, but not to the Consumer Preview proper.

Happily, the normal upgrade process will work from the Developer Preview, to the Consumer Preview. Of course, downloading that much data over your WiFi network isn’t too fast (it’s taking us about 15 minutes to do so, for reference), but the process seems to be continuing apace for us. You are able to use your tablet while it downloads the update.

So, if you have a BUILD slate, head here, and get started. TNW has learned that Microsoft does not intend to make it available via Windows Update, but will instead provide it via user-initiated download only, as with Windows 7.

It’s early in the consumer preview process – our experience may not mirror yours, given that certain locales receive things on different time tables. 

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