Microsoft’s latest attack video against Google Apps is definitely ‘interesting’ [video]

Microsoft’s latest attack video against Google Apps is definitely ‘interesting’ [video] ...

I was a really big fan of the Mac vs. PC ads and not just because I’m an avid Apple product user. The actors were fantastic, the production value was low, and they were genuinely cute and funny.

Microsoft on the other hand has gotten out of control with its videos. The latest is an attack ad against Google for “moonlighting” as productivity software makers. Yes, Microsoft has spent money to create a video to attack Google for doing its Apps products “on the side”.

The video is called “Googlighting” and it’s potentially the worst video I’ve ever seen on the Internet:

The point that Microsoft is trying to make is that it is the king of productivity software because it focuses on making it for businesses and not consumers. Basically, it’s telling Google to stick to search and keep its nose out of enterprise software.

I suppose Microsoft has a lot of pent up frustration since the Apple ads made them look nerdy so it needs someone to fire back against.

For me, this video fell awfully flat but our own Harrison Weber says “SO bad. SO funny. I love it.”

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